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On Mon, 20 Aug 2018 at 00:40, Mike Beauchamp <list at mikebeauchamp.com> wrote:

> The other frequency-dependent waveform change I see in some gear is when
> square waves can't maintain their peaks at very low frequency look more
> like saw-tooth waves - which I always thought was due to strain on the
> power supply?
> Interesting topic, mathematically perfect waveforms do feel straining.
> Mike
If you have a regular comparator type square wave generator then you will
get flat square segments, but when you dc block the square wave to make it
AC coupled the flat lines turn into exponential curves back to zero (high
pass), which is probably what you're referring to. If you clip off one side
of this double sawish shape then you get a saw type shape with a long flat
section, a narrow and thinner sounding saw. This waveform is often used in
string synths as their "saw", since you can easily generate these shapes
from divide down square wave oscillators.

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