[sdiy] nSynth super done

Joe Frey frey at radioles.com
Sun Aug 19 18:24:44 CEST 2018

All, I was casting around for something fun to build and came across Google's nSynth. I had never tried SMD before so I decided to give it a try. Well, I learned I shake too much for SMD chips, but can do single components OK.
After wrecking a couple of boards I reached out for help and was offered a board with the SMD chips line finished so all I had to do was the larger components. That was a snap and I now have a working nSynth.
It sounds pretty unique, I have to say. The sounds tend to be short in duration but it still works well in sequences.
It was absolutely worth the work and the GitHub and FB page support insures success even for a novice. JoeF.

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