[sdiy] SSI2164 datasheet updated, device upgrade.

KD KD pic24hj at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 20:25:36 CEST 2018

2018-08-11 20:38 GMT+02:00, Neil Johnson <neil.johnson71 at gmail.com>:
> KD KD wrote:
>> Thanks for info,interesting.
> There is one very nice sentence in that datasheet that gets me excited:
> "The SSI2164 improves upon the SSM2164 by using larger geometry
> transistors for Q1-Q4 (see Figure 4 in “Principle of Operation”). This
> makes the revised part more suited than its predecessors for exponential
> generation."
> Nice :)
> Neil

I missed that while skim reading datasheet. Thanks for pointing it out!
Dan should use that as a marketing point on introduction page
since its a signifikant improvement over the other 2164's .

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