[sdiy] low input bias current opamps

Tim Ressel timr at circuitabbey.com
Wed Aug 15 22:14:34 CEST 2018

I just looked up the specs on the LF444 and it is showing 10pA typical 
but 50-100pA max depending on the grade. So if you are looking to match 
those specs there are several amps that will do it.

At the risk of sounding impertinent, do you really need that much 
performance? i understand the desire to max out on a critical spec, but 
you pay for that performance. Why pay for more than you need?


On 8/14/2018 8:43 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
> Hey Team,
> I'm looking for opamps with the following properties:
> 1) Through-hole
> 2) Quad opamp
> 3) 14-DIP package
> 4) High power range (+/-18V, say)
> 5) Low input bias current (10 pA or less typical)
> 6) Pin-compatible with TL074, etc.
> 7) Not LF444 (cuz they all seem to be defective)
> So, basically, I'm looking for a suitable alternative for LF444.
> So, here are my questions:
> A) Do you know of such a thing
> B) How does one go about finding such a thing, generally?
> Thanks in advance!
> Dave (Floating VCA) Dixon
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