[sdiy] low input bias current opamps

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
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I spent an hour on Digikey today.  If you put in "Op amps" and filter for 4
units per package in through hole format, you get like 21 hits, none of
which include any of the opamps I'm already aware of.
I'm just too stupid to use the Digikey thing for finding parts.
The Digikey filter thing makes me want to kill myself.  That's why I come
here and ask you guys.  Cuz I don't wanna die young.


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The parametric filtering on suppliers like Digikey/Mouser is pretty good
these days to find products with the desired characteristics.

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Subject: [sdiy] low input bias current opamps
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Hey Team,

I'm looking for opamps with the following properties:

1) Through-hole
2) Quad opamp
3) 14-DIP package
4) High power range (+/-18V, say)
5) Low input bias current (10 pA or less typical)
6) Pin-compatible with TL074, etc.
7) Not LF444 (cuz they all seem to be defective)

So, basically, I'm looking for a suitable alternative for LF444.

So, here are my questions:

A) Do you know of such a thing
B) How does one go about finding such a thing, generally?

Thanks in advance!
Dave (Floating VCA) Dixon

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