[sdiy] Compliment works hallelujah! Re: Outputs grounded! Re: SSI2164 datasheet updated

KD KD pic24hj at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 05:04:45 CEST 2018

Just for the frekking sake of it now when Niel butthurt i decided quickly
bredboard a 2 and 3pole LPF and a resistor to GND (current to voltage
buffered by a LF353 in 1:1 ratio no extra gain) VCA out of one AD2164.

Guess what? As i blast the VCF signal a square, Cf swept up-down
with high Q through the VCA while VCA is alternating static full volume
min vol and then sweeping up-down, various static measurement etc
unscientific for an hour everything works perfectly fine as i'm looking
hard for the bad compliance that would disturb other parts and not
work as some folks said.

So far i have tested two AD2164 NOS from 1997 with load resistors
from 1k to 10k no major difference, no excessive heating no excessive
current  consumption, no extra noise, perhaps distortion figures is
not as per datasheet most likely,  so far what shown up is slightly
higher but constant output offset but that can be trimmed by adding
a tiny current on input. Im also not using precisely recommended input
network its rather off. maybe something shows upp if close to
insane ratios are used but 1- 10k is way enough for most applications.

No, it's not appropriately scientifically, its in the middle of the night and
i have had 3 dansk OL, for some and i dont care yet this brutal pagan
thing seams to work as some said it shouldn't due to compliance issues
but i thank Dave Rossum for giving me the hint it might and do so far.

I actually wanted this to fail as to proof for the bad compliance.
Maybe im just extraordinarily luck who got two chips that works?

Since im not a SSM2164 user i have only some NOS chips back from
the 92-97ish. But if others could try out the same with Cool Audio and
SSI to see if they behave the same it would be interesting.

OK i'm ready for you all to shoot me down , just bring it on!

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