[sdiy] Amplifying Pulse (Slightly OT)

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Fri Aug 10 11:54:29 CEST 2018

If you really want to listen to your pulse then try Marco Donnarumma's 
Xth Sense:


The sound it can produce is very rich, probably not what you want if 
you're just after a click track.

If you'd rather pick up the electrical signals directly from your 
muscles, including the heart, then you need an ECG / electrocardiogram, 
or EMG / electromyogram like the Myo or Bitalino. Or EEG / 
electroencephalogram for your brain. The signals are in the form of 
pulse trains up to around 200Hz.

ECG : 0.05 – 150Hz
EEG : 0.05 – 70Hz
EMG : 7Hz – 20Hz

With dry electrodes you'll pick up signals in this range:

ECG : < +/- 2.5mV
EEG : +/- 10uV to 100uV
EMG : +/-50uV to 30mV

The electrodes will also have a variable DC offset up to +/- 300mV or 
so, which makes it all the more challenging to capture a good signal.


On 10/08/18 06:15, Busby Bergson wrote:
> Piping those fingerclip monitors through Max was my first instinct 
> there, also... but I am wondering about an "analog" solution to this 
> problem.
> Deriving an electrical/rectangular click/pulse /is/ the goal - but I'm 
> not sure what types of transducers would make for a good solution to 
> this. Is there something with a very sensitive electrode and a really 
> perfectly-tuned comparator?

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