[sdiy] SSI2164 datasheet updated

Rutger Vlek rutgervlek at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 13:53:19 CEST 2018

Hi Neil,

Thanks for posting this, I was also planning on doing so. I was asked to contribute and review for this datasheet, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with the SSI guys. I'm glad the new version is finally out there, available for people to build synths (and other things) with.


On 7 aug 2018, at 22:41, Neil Johnson wrote:

> Hi all,
> Anyone with more than a passing interest in the 2164 quad VCA might be
> interested in the latest version of the SSI2164 datasheet just
> published online by Sound Semiconductor.
> While specifically for the SSI2164 there is a lot of useful info there
> that also relates to the earlier SSM2164 (and the Behringer/CoolAudio
> V2164 clone).
> Highlights for me:
> * Explanation and formula for working out the compensation network
> (confirms my earlier hand-wavey analysis)
> * A superior expo converter by Dave Rossum
> * More details on the internal workings
> Direct link: http://www.soundsemiconductor.com/downloads/ssi2164datasheet.pdf
> Cheers
> Neil
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