[sdiy] Parts going out of module panel

paula at synth.net paula at synth.net
Mon Apr 30 12:33:50 CEST 2018

>> For module connectors (assuming you're talking euro module) I'd go 
>> with
>> the THONKICONN (which is about 9mm from memory) from Thonk.co.uk
> 10mm :)

9mm from base of connector to back of front panel ;)

> for D shaft observe the orientation of the D on the pot vs the knob,
> most commonly the D-"flat" is opposite the marker line on the knob and
> this matches a pot that has the legs facing downwards. but other
> orientations of D on pots and knobs exist out there...

totally been caught out by this in the past, so yeah, very good point!


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