[sdiy] FFT on dsPIC

Julian elfenjunge at gmx.net
Sun Apr 29 15:33:42 CEST 2018

just did a quick google search.
do you mean this?

Am 29.04.2018 um 12:17 schrieb Richie Burnett:
> Hi all,
> Has as anyone managed to get an FFT to work on dsPIC?
> I'm programming in Assembly and have been looking for a pre-written 
> FFT routine.
> Manufacturers of other DSPs I've worked on have always provided 
> highly-optimised library functions to call for functions like FFTs, 
> but I'm struggling to find likewise for the dsPIC.
> Microchip's "dsPIC Language Tools Libraries" document says...
> "2.1 INTRODUCTION. The DSP Library provides a set of digital signal 
> processing operations to a program targeted for execution on a 
> dsPIC30F digital signal controller (DSC). The library has been 
> designed to provide you, the C software developer, with efficient 
> implementation of the most common signal processing functions. In 
> total, 49 functions are supported by the DSP Library. A primary goal 
> of the library is to minimize the execution time of each function. To 
> achieve this goal, the DSP Library is predominantly written in 
> optimized assembly language. By using the DSP Library, you can realize 
> significant gains in execution speed over equivalent code written in 
> ANSI C. Additionally, since the DSP Library has been rigorously 
> tested, using the DSP Library will allow you to shorten your 
> application development time."
> Fantastic!  That's what I want.  And it then goes on to say...
> "2.1.1 Assembly Code Applications.  A free version of this library and 
> its associated header file is available from the Microchip web site. 
> Source code is included."
> ...but, I can't find it anywhere! :-(   Maybe because Microchip have 
> reorganised their website after the Atmel merger (>.<)
> Does anyone have the illusive "FFT.asm" or "FFT.s" file containing the 
> "FFTComplexIP" function lurking on their hard drive?
> Any help / pointers very gratefully received!
> Many thanks,
> -Richie,
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