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Wed Apr 25 17:40:03 CEST 2018

2018-04-25 15:41 GMT+02:00, paula at synth.net <paula at synth.net>:
> Andre,
>> But yes, there's a risk. It's a trade-off, I think. You can
>> build a polysynth out of generic parts but it will cost twice as
>> much as one made of specialised parts so you will sell ten times
>> fewer.
> been thgere, done that, got the t-shirt.
> 008 has around 5000 components in it.

Yes but thats because the intent was not to design it properly.
If it had been it would not have 5000 parts and leather end cheeks
as your relative Paul Maddox once famously coined quote:
Cow's is more environmental friendly!....... :- D

>> Suppose the first option results in the production of 1,000
>> synths that will be kept running for 200 years and the second in
>> 10,000 synths that will be kept running for 20 years. Both
>> options yield the same number of synth-years.
> Build something you LOVE, don't build something to market.

LOVE dont sell, unless your a prostitute! :-)

>> Of course, all those figures are made up and there are other
>> factors to consider, social and environmental. Should we keep
>> building goods that end up in landfills because they can't be
>> repaired ? Should we build instruments that are so expensive
>> that only the wealthy can afford them ?
> everything in the world that is made could end up in landfill at some
> point, even guitars.  Again, I stand by my words, building something
> YOU love.

About almost everything ends in a land fill, the industry is designed to
behave like that. But yes i concur, design something you like and if it
sells, lucky you,  i say. Just look how Nick Bat and Co puncture the
Valcyria. Shame on them! Engineers unite!

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