[sdiy] SIP filter modules coming

Andre Majorel aym-htnys at teaser.fr
Wed Apr 25 11:32:23 CEST 2018

On 2018-04-25 16:17 +1000, Hugh Blemings wrote:

> So: If we start doing a series of new destined to be classic
> designs based off these new custom modules that are coming up,
> where do we land in (say) a decade or two when they're no
> longer available ?

Apart from Coolaudio, the companies producing these new chips
(Alfa, Curtis Electromusic / On Chip and Sound Semiconductor /
CruzTOOLS) don't seem to be very big ones. This suggests that,
should they fail us, a replacement will be easier to get than it
was twenty years ago.

But yes, there's a risk. It's a trade-off, I think. You can
build a polysynth out of generic parts but it will cost twice as
much as one made of specialised parts so you will sell ten times

Suppose the first option results in the production of 1,000
synths that will be kept running for 200 years and the second in
10,000 synths that will be kept running for 20 years. Both
options yield the same number of synth-years.

Of course, all those figures are made up and there are other
factors to consider, social and environmental. Should we keep
building goods that end up in landfills because they can't be
repaired ? Should we build instruments that are so expensive
that only the wealthy can afford them ?

> I assume part of the answer we simply have better
> documentation and flow of ideas now - the contents of the
> specialist modules are perhaps more readily documented/known
> making a re-spin in the future not so tricky to accomplish ?
> Perhaps we encourage manufacturers of these specialist parts
> to re-license their designs under an Open Hardware license
> towards the end of the product life cycle ?

Who would say not to that ? Other than the manufacturers
themselves, perhaps. :-)

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