[sdiy] SIP filter modules coming

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Wed Apr 25 08:17:44 CEST 2018

Hi Roman, All,

I've been reading this thread with considerable interest - while I'm not 
active in synth building the overall ecosystem and technical discussions 
here remain a highlight of my day, but I digress...

I'm curious - and please be assured I'm not trolling, I genuinely wonder 
about this and in the general case, not just the good work of Alfa or 
any other manufacturer...

So: If we start doing a series of new destined to be classic designs 
based off these new custom modules that are coming up, where do we land 
in (say) a decade or two when they're no longer available ?

I ask this in the context of observing how often folk have difficulty 
getting hold of (say) the specialist modules for a Juno 106 or some 
other much loved classic these days ?

I assume part of the answer we simply have better documentation and flow 
of ideas now - the contents of the specialist modules are perhaps more 
readily documented/known making a re-spin in the future not so tricky to 
accomplish ?

Perhaps we encourage manufacturers of these specialist parts to 
re-license their designs under an Open Hardware license towards the end 
of the product life cycle ?

Perhaps it's not a biggie in the scheme of things - we have such a 
wonderfully rich technical commons that there is always a new shiny to 
enjoy instead ?

Be interested in folks thoughts :)


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