[sdiy] SIP filter modules coming

Roman modular at go2.pl
Tue Apr 24 19:55:28 CEST 2018

It's not the same pinout, only 8 pins.  And I don't think it would be cool. There are so many 80017 clones already, time for something new.  But with all those chips available now, anyone can make different flavors of Roland voice hybrids.   Roman   Dnia 24 kwietnia 2018 15:17 Jacob Watters <  jacobwatters at gmail.com > napisał(a):  It would be cool if they were the same pinout as the Roland 80017 so they could be a drop-in replacement. Curtis filter with Juno chorus :)   On Mon, Apr 23, 2018, 7:54 AM Roman Sowa, <   modular at go2.pl > wrote:  This may be a gamechanger. AFAIK Alfa is planning to release    ready-to-use SIP modules with filter chips - AS3320 and all components    they need to operate. Pinout is just power, Frequency and resonnance CV,    signal in and out. LPF goes first.   Size 20x15mm including pins!   Planned for end of May.      With complete line of obvious next builds everyone could make their    synthesizer using only a handful of those, pots and wires.      Roman   ______________________________   Synth-diy mailing list      Synth-diy at synth-diy.org    synth-diy.org synth-diy.org
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