[sdiy] SIP filter modules coming

Jarno Verhoeven@ziggo.nl jarno.verhoeven at ziggo.nl
Mon Apr 23 15:13:11 CEST 2018

In general, I think they are doing a tremendous job. In a market where a lot of
fabs get pushed out of business because of the investment needed to implement
the latest and greatest processes, they found a way forward. 
Not every product needs bleeding edge processes.
We had a big Philips fab in Nijmegen (NL) and at the time it was either get the
latest process, or be made redundant, at some point in time it was decided to
not get the latest processes, and then they started circling the drain. Not sure
how they are currently doing.
Anyways, good that Alfa has found their niche, I think primarily because of
Girts, right?

> Op 23 april 2018 om 13:53 schreef Roman Sowa <modular at go2.pl>:
> This may be a gamechanger. AFAIK Alfa is planning to release
> ready-to-use SIP modules with filter chips - AS3320 and all components
> they need to operate. Pinout is just power, Frequency and resonnance CV,
> signal in and out. LPF goes first.
> Size 20x15mm including pins!
> Planned for end of May.
> With complete line of obvious next builds everyone could make their
> synthesizer using only a handful of those, pots and wires.
> Roman
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