[sdiy] Poly 800 (was DSP MIDI Synth (was Re: 566 Functional Replacement))

Mike HEQX mike at heqx.com
Sun Apr 1 23:09:23 CEST 2018

I just brought the Filter Cutoff and Resonance controls from the 
motherboard up to the front panel. I refuse to call it " Moog Slayer" 
because that is just a stupid name. It does not slay my Moog

On 4/1/2018 12:19 PM, MTG wrote:
> Tease! Is this the Hawk mod/thing or something else?
> On 4/1/2018 9:02 AM, Mike HEQX wrote:
>> I have two Poly800s that I use regularly to perform in my new wave 
>> band. It is a wacky little instrument for sure. I don't spend a lot 
>> of trying to program around it's limitations because it will drive 
>> you insane. I now embrace it for it's organ, string and bass sounds. 
>> I have the filter and cutoff mod on both and that makes it far more 
>> enjoyable. You would not want to try to play it like a piano, it's 
>> just not that kind of synth.
>> Mike
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