[sdiy] (UK) Low-volume SMD assembly

Steve Lenham steve at bendentech.co.uk
Tue Sep 26 14:59:25 CEST 2017

Thank you Tony, Jason and Richie for your suggestions - I'll follow them up.



On 25/09/2017 19:00, Richie Burnett wrote:
> Steve, PCB train (Newbury Electronics) is one option for small volume UK assembly. They stock most of the common components and you can free issue the more unusual bits. They use them a lot where I work, as they usually get Newbury to fabricate the bare boards too.
> Other than that, I can recommend Infoteam in the north-east who I have heard good things about. There's two other companies in this region I could forward you the details for, but I can't personally vouch for the quality of these.
> -Richie,
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> ---- Steve Lenham wrote ----
>> Hi,
>> Could anyone recommend a UK (or European at a push) source for
>> cost-effective low-volume SMD assembly?
>> I already have a supplier for one-offs (me) and another for larger
>> volumes/values where a chunky setup charge isn't a problem. What I don't
>> have is anything in the middle - someone to do, say, 25 simple boards
>> using the sort of cheap stencil you get free with prototype PCBs.
>> Does such a thing exist? Or am I going to have to bite the bullet and
>> buy one of those toaster oven thingies?!
>> Thanks for any pointers,
>> Steve L.
>> Benden Sound Technology
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