[sdiy] Dip Trace: free and worth every penny

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Wed Sep 6 00:02:35 CEST 2017

from what I gathered so far, diptrace can't do this kind of thing as it 
doesn't have a project which links the schematic and PCB in a "live" 
kind of way (it does for DRC of course). The Layout file seems to 
incorporate the schematic internally
And it can be updated when changes were done - it does store which 
schematic file it was last associated with, which can also be changed, 
but there is no "live link".
(by File -> Update from schematic)
That's something that I also don't like about diptrace. But it doesn't 
have a UI from 1983, something which makes eagle very unpleasant for me 
;) Even DT lacks some features, I'd not want EAGLE full version for 
free... But that's my taste.

Well. What works is if your nets are named meaningfully, you'll see what 
the net name is in schematic if you hover over it.
And in layout, you can select the net by name from the net list to the 
right. (if the right side bar isn't there, hit Ctrl+2). Roughly the 
center partition of the sidebar has a "design manager", and the 
right-most button that looks like a wire selects to list the nets in there.

Am 05.09.2017 um 23:17 schrieb Tim Ressel:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have Dip Trace chops?  I am forced to use it to 
> troubleshoot someone else's design. As far as I can tell, DT sucks. I 
> can't find a way to highlight a schematic net and have it show up on 
> the layout. Is there a way? To get around I highlighted R10 but in the 
> layout it shows a different value than in the schematic.
> Eagle has spoiled me I guess...

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