[sdiy] Dealing with velocity sensitivity / scaling on envelopes

Oakley Sound oakleysound at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 1 15:13:43 CEST 2017

 > RTZ ADSRs have their place....

In the bin. :-)

 > typically bass sounds...

I think it's worse when the frequency is lower as the discontinuity 
produced in the truncated volume envelope is more audible. Rapidly 
shutting the VCA prior to the new note being heard is going to produce 
discontinuities in the waveform (click) and possibly a noticeable CV 

This is true with fast attack bass notes too - one normally needs to 
slacken the attack time to reduce the chance of a audible discontinuity 
in the waveform.

 > also great of you can sync the oscillators to gate start.

Note on sync is indeed great as it does allow fast attack times without 
the possibilities of waveform discontinuities. Essentially this is what 
you have when playing a one shot sample too.

But even with sync the amplitude of the previous note, if there is some 
release tail left, with an RTZ envelope must drop to zero prior to the 
new sync'd note being instigated. This has to produce a unwanted click.



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