[sdiy] 808 Q35

matt holland matt at mattholland.org
Mon Jan 30 09:37:34 CET 2017

I just finished watching the 808 documentary which concludes with an
interview of an elderly kakehashi-san founder of Roland. He tells a tale of
buying defective transistors that were "noisy" and that those were the key
to the 808 sound. Then in a sidebar, the schematic of the white and pink
noise generator circuit is shown with Q35 circled. The doc closes with him
claiming that they had to stop production when they weren't able to source
these particular transistors anymore. Has anyone else seen this doc? I
didn't think noise circuits were that picky about transistors but I haven't
made any myself. I'm also pretty sure the BD circuit doesn't use it, which
90% of the doc focused on. Wondering what your takes are.

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