[sdiy] Crumar bit one EPROM .bin anyone

Luc Van Den Bosch luc.ky at telenet.be
Mon Jan 23 21:23:24 CET 2017

Hi all, I have a Crumar bit one and that synth has the annoying "feature" to
be in midi omni mode when you switch it on.

It should be possible to disable omni with parameter 64 and 65 but that
doesn't work on my bit one which apparently means I have an older version of
the firmware (parameter 64 and 65 don't show any value and it should be 1 or

Does anyone have the binaries for the 2 EPROM to share?

I found downloads here:
http://dbwbp.com/index.php/9-misc/37-synth-eprom-dumps but the version seems
to be the same because also  with this version parameter 64 and 65 are not





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