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Although, as far as I can tell, there is no specification, I would have 
thought that a proper EuroSynth system should have power rails with a 
tolerance of 0.1V i.e. -12.1V to -11.9V or +11.9V to +12.1V.
The approach below will lose 0.6V per rail giving you at best +/-11.4V. 
As if there aren't enough issues out there with lossy busboards, power 
solutions and other related issues, losing 5% of your power through 
these protection diodes seems excessive.

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On 4/01/2017 7:41 AM, Jacob Watters wrote:
> Do you do anything to the power rails on your modules to filter the 
> power and/or protect the module?
> Diodes? Caps? Resistors?
> Below is a link to one well protected module that was recommended to 
> me. Note that the power source is the pins on P3 and the power rails 
> are the local ones on the module (kind of confusing in this schematic 
> - it looks like the diodes are backwards).
> I know that the diodes will cause a voltage drop that will limit the 
> overhead for opamps. My module is a filter with an overdrive circuit 
> that clips at +/-5V, so overhead isn't really a concern.
> http://jacobwatters.com/images/synth/europower.png
> Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
> Sincerely,
> Jacob Watters
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