[sdiy] Eurorack Power Protection

Jarno Verhoeven jarno.verhoeven at ziggo.nl
Tue Jan 3 22:05:57 CET 2017

12r resistors and boxed headers, but then again, I don't do commercial modules.

Verzonden vanaf mijn Samsung-apparaat

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Do you do anything to the power rails on your modules to filter the power and/or protect the module?
Diodes? Caps? Resistors?
Below is a link to one well protected module that was recommended to me. Note that the power source is the pins on P3 and the power rails are the local ones on the module (kind of confusing in this schematic - it looks like the diodes are backwards).
I know that the diodes will cause a voltage drop that will limit the overhead for opamps. My module is a filter with an overdrive circuit that clips at +/-5V, so overhead isn't really a concern.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

Jacob Watters
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