[sdiy] Happy New Year 2018!

Terry Shultz thx1138 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 31 22:40:37 CET 2017

Hi All,

A new year is coming tonight and a New NAMM show on the heels of the New 

Many of you have reached out to me and I greatly appreciate it.

Many new pieces of gear for me this year.

Audio Precision 2522

Tek 4 channel OSC with several software options

New Hakko Soldering and Hakko rework gear

actually bought 2 more wire wrap Gardener-Denver guns off EBAY

Updated my Altium Tools

bought a 2nd seat of ORCAD CIS + PCB etc.

the list goes on and I am getting set up to do some Audio Module design 
and Manufacturing.

My USB- 24bit A/D Headphone Preamp boards just arrived on Thursday.

This is a tube/ Cortex M7 based design for driving Electrostatic STAX 
and non- STAX headphones.

Otherwise my work at DSP Concepts is still going forward.

I hope all of you find time to build some new products and not just 
re-build pre-existing designs.

But that can be fun too.

I missed out on the TempCo 1K resistors buy, but I will have to dig 
around for another supplier any way.

With Warm Wishes and a well tinned soldering Iron,

Terry Shultz

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