[sdiy] Where to buy ceramic caps

Nils Pipenbrinck n.pipenbrinck at hilbert-space.de
Sun Dec 31 12:55:41 CET 2017

On 12/31/2017 06:38 AM, David G Dixon wrote:

> So, this sorting is easily done for handbuilt through-hole units (and I
> will), but I'm not sure about SMD caps.

Honestly, just go SMD. I know - you hate to solder them, but the supply
and choice is much higher. Through hole is most of the time a nice
application these days.

As for navigating digikey and mouser: I just stick to a few common
manufacturers and series, look up how the manufacturers part codes works
and use them!

E.g. for C0G 1% parts from Murata in 0603 package the code is:
GRM1885C2A???FA01D. Put in your value into the ??? part (151 for 150pf),
plug into the digikey search fiend and you'll be sent directly to the
order parts page. Couldn't get easier.

If you order 10 different parts that takes maybe half an hour including
searching for alternatives.

Regarding SMD in general: Last year I was working on a commercial mass
producted product and learned that even the small 0402 parts (the ones
that you can still solder by hand) are starting to get the dreaded 'not
recommended for new designs' warnings.

I had a talk with the cap sales guy and he told me: Larger parts like
0402 and 0603 will still be available for prototyping and to satisfy old
customers, but the entire industry is shifting over to the next smaller
0102 parts right now. Most of their factories are producing 0201 to
satisfy demand. This increases the chances that larger stuff may be out
of stock for month because some other engineer on the planet just placed
a big order. Actually happened to me with 18pf 0.1% parts.


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