[sdiy] Where to buy ceramic caps

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 23:14:58 CET 2017


David G Dixon wrote:
> I always build actual circuits, but I find that my simulations are usually
> perfect.  Several million dollars worth of my module designs have been sold
> to eurorack users around the world, so I think I know how to design a
> circuit that works.

Careful David, your "ego-wang" is showing.

> Well, my design is about as easy as it gets: Two parallel sets of six active
> all-pass stages in series, each stage tuned to a certain frequency as
> predicted by the awesome QuadNet program.  And it works, very very well.
> However, the RC values have to be fairly precise to get really superior
> performance.

With precision you then need to consider how sensitive the circuit is
to changes in the component values (from tolerance, from soldering,
from age, etc).

> This stupid thing is going to be a eurorack module in the not-too-distant
> future, and all the parts will be SMD.  I presume that SMD multilayer caps
> can be easily and cheaply acquired in any tolerance you like, but I don't
> use SMD components in my own personal builds, because I cant see them, and I
> drop them, and I wanna kill myself whenever I have to solder an SMD part by
> hand.  I'd rather just not do electronics than work with SMD parts by hand.

Oh, right, so we're designing the next great product for Intellijel.  Cool!

In which case you're painting yourself into a corner right from the
start since production will be using very different parts, and if
you're not careful you'll (sorry, WE'll) be designing a product that
is too expensive to manufacture.  There's a whole world of difference
between making a one-off prototype and designing something that needs
to go into production using a very different assembly process.


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