[sdiy] Where to buy ceramic caps

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Sat Dec 30 03:19:50 CET 2017

I've just laid out a quad opamp relaxation oscillator with four different
resistor values (10k, 100k, 1M, 10M) for testing all 12 values of my
capacitors to give frequencies in the hundreds of Hz.  The frequency is 1/[2
ln(3) RC], so with this I can quickly and accurately measure the true
capacitance (since I don't trust my DVM) and sort into "within 1%" and "not
within 1%" piles.  Then I can build my stupid 90 deg PDNs with confidence,
and without trimmers.
Ah, the fun of DIY electronics.


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On 12/29/17 4:36 PM, David G Dixon wrote:

Yeah, but I refuse to pay 3 dollars for each one of the damned things, when
they should be 10 cents.

...and a VCA module should be $10, not $70+ when you can get a full synth
for $300.

Buy a million+ and you will get that price.

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