[sdiy] Mr Copy now sells 3340

KD KD pic24hj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 10:41:55 CET 2017

So they have pricing for 3340 now, great, i got pricing for the others.

2017-12-14 12:03 GMT+01:00, Roman Sowa <modular at go2.pl>:
> The Alfa production chips begin to ship NOW!
> I mean for those who booked their quantities.
> Already got my proforma.
> As for the prices, they are just about half of Mr Copy
> Roman

Thats something interesting i have missed, any online debate about it
or was it undercover OEM stuff?

2017-12-14 11:50 GMT+01:00, paula at synth.net <paula at synth.net>:
> Mr Copy doesn't give me a warm feeling...
> Remember the issue with the V2164 die being rotated 90 degrees?
> Paula

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