[sdiy] Trueno

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Thu Dec 14 12:19:03 CET 2017

We had similar duscussion locally and the outcome was assumingly 
multiple PWMs.
It would be so much easier for the maker to make them DCO and control 
reset time from uC directly, so it could be that way. Then just tell the 
people they are VCOs because noone really knows the difference. OTOH 
they say "tunes in 10 minutes" which at first suggests VCO, but it may 
tune all other sort of things apart from timing.
My friend told it is pretty unstable, but didn't spent enough time with 
it either.

So the question now is who's curiosity is worth 160EUR to buy it and 
check with a scope? I could talk the guy to send it to me for tests, but 
I'm not that curious anymore even to be bothered to install it on my 
wife's laptop, as I don't have Windows10 anywhere.


W dniu 2017-12-13 o 15:58, Vladimir Pantelic pisze:
> so now, where do the CVs for the VCOs come from? the STM32042 has no
> DACs and I see no external DAC either, so the CVs are all lowpass'd PWM
> from the STM?
> or - and that could explain the aliasing seen in the signals - the STM32
> itself provides the saw ramp reset timing signals and there is only a
> coarse CV for the current source to charge the timing caps?
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