[sdiy] Trueno

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 15:27:40 CET 2017

(gahh... damn email clients...try again...)

paula wrote:
> remember rule of thumb of a 4x multiplier.
> plus as a small company they're unlikely to want to risk buying 1000's off
> to start.

MTG wrote:
> 4x is a quantity price break thing or a cost/sell thing?

It's a rough relation between what the parts cost to buy, and what you
sell the thing for.  In high volume manufacturing (1M+/yr) the ratio
is about 4:1, in boutique or low-volume it can be up to 10:1, for the
lowish volumes that musical instruments/synths sit in I would suggest
a 6:1 ratio.

In that hypothetical hand-wavey number you have the design costs,
manufacturing costs, shipping, distributors margin, shop margin, cost
of returns, etc.


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