[sdiy] Trueno

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:34:36 CET 2017

Trueno has some raw waveform samples on their website and at first
glance, they have quite a bit of aliasing present. not as bad as a naive
digital waveform, but not as clean as one would expect from a correctly
sampled analog VCO either...

e.g. http://truenosynth.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/mp3/Osc%20-%20Saw.mp3

On 12.12.2017 10:57, Roman Sowa wrote:
> The list is a bit too quiet recently, so maybe instead of regular "is
> this thing on?", here's something to discuss and threading endless
> suppositions about what's in there and what's not.
> One of my fb friends has just bought the Trueno synthesizer and by my
> polite request, he made a photo of inards at better angle than the one
> on maker's website. Photo of the other side tomorrow - he says.
> http://www.synthdiy.eu/files/trueno.jpg
> My first thought when I saw it was ASM-1 or MFOS, but that's probably
> just because of generous amount of TL074. Plus 3x 4051 mux.
> Obviously on the other side will be some ARM or whatever to deal with
> USB, ADC and control voltages, DC/DC converters, and something tunable
> for the filter (OTA, or transistors), because it's only one 074 outlined
> there as VCF with only few passive components.
> Roman
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