[sdiy] Trueno

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Dec 12 10:57:46 CET 2017

The list is a bit too quiet recently, so maybe instead of regular "is 
this thing on?", here's something to discuss and threading endless 
suppositions about what's in there and what's not.
One of my fb friends has just bought the Trueno synthesizer and by my 
polite request, he made a photo of inards at better angle than the one 
on maker's website. Photo of the other side tomorrow - he says.


My first thought when I saw it was ASM-1 or MFOS, but that's probably 
just because of generous amount of TL074. Plus 3x 4051 mux.
Obviously on the other side will be some ARM or whatever to deal with 
USB, ADC and control voltages, DC/DC converters, and something tunable 
for the filter (OTA, or transistors), because it's only one 074 outlined 
there as VCF with only few passive components.


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