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Both "Einhüllende" und "Hüllkurve" are German words coming from and used in mathematics. And indeed they are used for synthesizer functions just as "envelope", which is coming from mathematics as well.


So while we know where it comes from, we still don't know why - which was the OT question. At some point someone must have coined the term "envelope" based on his personal experience and history. A little bit hard to find out, i guess.






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> That wasn't good enough for her, and I don't have a better answer.

Looking at other languages the german translation of the noun would be “Einhüllende” which is similar to the verb “einhüllen”.
Looking up that verb in the dictionary and cross-checking returns “to enfold”, “to enwrap”, "to coat” and such, which I picture with what happens when applying and ENV.


"Hüllkurve" is another German variant that can be found in synthesizer nomenclature. The related Swedish word for "Hülle" is "hölje", which would be quite a poetic wording - but in mathematics the term seems to be the imported word "envelopp" instead.


If the word "envelope" doesn't feel strict enough for general synth use, why not choose Moog's preferred term "contour"? I find it both descriptive and elegant.


Anyway, all this envelope business can be seen as a kind of post processing. ;-)





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