[sdiy] Sine osc schematic

Jarno Verhoeven@ziggo.nl jarno.verhoeven at ziggo.nl
Wed Dec 6 12:20:02 CET 2017

The spec on the LTC6990 says 488Hz at lower end, I'd think you'd want it to go
down lower.
I'd be surprised if it is 1V/Oct, because that is a specific requirement, not
used in measurement equipment.
On whether or not it is easy to to make a sine VCO depends on your distortion
requirements, and whether you want it analogue or if digital is acceptable.
A Wien Bridge osc delivers a very low distortion sine with very little
components, but is is fixed, with some niftyness you can make this into a sine
which can be varied with a single pot, not a VCO.
Regular VCO's can be equipped with a sine output, but those aren't particularly
low distortion, and require quite a few parts.
Digital is maybe easier, a processor and a few DACs? I wouldn't know how though,
not much of a software guy myself.

> Op 6 december 2017 om 2:52 schreef Joel B <onephatcat at earthlink.net>:
>  I’m trying to figure out how to convert this 
>  http://www.linear.com/solutions/1471 to a BOM, but I don’t really know what
> I’m doing, and some seems obscure, like what op amp to use, and those things
> with the F Inside them is that a schottkey diode?  Also not clear to me if
> this is a 1v/octave VCO...
>  Can a sine wave VCO be built on the cheap? I want a bank of them...
>  Joel
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