[sdiy] Round pin headers?

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Mon Aug 21 23:24:06 CEST 2017

If you specifically want something that mates with a socket expecting a 
flat IC pin, then you can make just that:


On 8/21/2017 12:46 PM, Tim Ressel wrote:
> I've used regular square pin headers on adapters in breadboards. To 
> quote "Hunt for Red October", it is possible, but not recommended. The 
> round pin headers should work much better.
> btw My use is for putting SMT components into kits that are PTH. Round 
> pins and machine sockets (also ebay btw) looks to be a good solution.
> --tr
> On 8/21/2017 12:41 PM, Tom Wiltshire wrote:
>> Does “sockets expecting typical flat IC leads” include breadboards, then?
>> My most likely use for these would be on adaptor boards to allow me to 
>> easily prototype with SMD stuff before I have to commit to a PCB. It’d 
>> be a bit of a pain if that’s one thing they’re not so good for.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
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>>> On 21 Aug 2017, at 20:04, Phillip Harbison <alvitar at xavax.com> wrote:
>>> Tim Ressel wrote:
>>>> That looks promising! Thanks!
>>> I've bought lots of these on eBay (not necessarily this seller) for
>>> my IoT work (RPi, Arduino, etc.) and they work great if you mate
>>> them with machined headers or sockets. If you plug them into sockets
>>> expecting typical flat IC leads it will work once, but the socket
>>> will no longer make a good connection to anything other than round
>>> pins. I've also noticed these are not very tolerant of being bent
>>> and straightened more than once. They're too brittle. With those
>>> caveats in mind, they work great. I love machined headers/sockets!
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