[sdiy] low supply voltage dual opamp ??? not a OPA690..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Wed Sep 21 13:39:43 CEST 2016

I'm back guys with my request..
Paul suggested it was an OPA690.
Well it looks it's not.
The OPA690 is a single opamp.
The one I need to replace is a dual opamp
(same pinout as the TL072.. not TL071).
Both outputs are on pins 1 and 7.
Supply pins are 4 and 8.
So I'm back where I was from start.
I need a dual opamp that:
- runs on 5vdc
- low power (powered with AAA battery 1.5v stepped up to 5vdc for all
- 8SOIC package

Any idea the ship that would do ??


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OPA690. The 055 is the date code

Paul S.

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I need a low voltage dual opamp for a wireless microphone That runs with one
AAA battery. There is a step-up supply voltage circuit that rise the 1.5v to
5vdc to supply all the remote circuit including a dual opamp (single supply
used). This opamp needs to be changed.
All I can say about this opamp is that the case is a 8SOIC and the pinout is
the same as a TL072. The lettering on the case is :
690 followed by 055 (or D55 ???).
So I'm looking for a low supply voltage, low power and quiet dual opamp to
replace it.
Any idea ?

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