[sdiy] SynthDIY vs guitarDIY?

Timothy Daugard daugard at cox.net
Thu Sep 8 16:37:19 CEST 2016

On 9/7/2016 6:50 PM, Barry Klein wrote:
> One great book I have is The Stompbox Cookbook by Boscorelli.
> A lot of work went into it.  It doesn’t touch on the more modern 
> effects/circuits (it is over 15 years old) but covers the basics very 
> well.

I'll 2nd that book, though it is EXTREMELY difficult to locate a copy. 
And the author is nowhere to be found.

> What synth modules seem to be useful in the guitar effects space?  Are 
> many guitarists (and/or other instrumentalists) building their own 
> modular systems?
> Which modules seem popular for them?  How much emphasis on stereo vs 
> mono sound design?

I did. I play bass and built a full modular system - minus accurate VCOs 
and a hand keyboard. I did build a foot board but mostly it is used to 
switch to a pre-patched channel, however the footboard actual just 
outputs a switch pressed signal that is decoded to which switch pressed 
by another module.

I figure using my bass, I didn't need a good  VCO. To make a VCO useful, 
I would need a pitch to control voltage converter.

Tim Daugard, AG4GZ
. . . now working on RF VCOs and phase locked oops. (missing L intentional)

> Barry
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