[sdiy] SynthDIY vs guitarDIY?

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I suspect there would be no shortage of takers if you were to set up a business selling wooden cheeks for DIY guitar pedals. Burbinga, please!

As someone with a foot in both groups, I have to say that synth DIY is far more complicated and varied, and while there is not a shortage of very knowledgeable guitar DIY people,  the average guitar project is much less complicated. So the technical entry level required to get started is pretty low.  Combined with the greater number of guitarists, you get a lot more people participating. A lot of synth DIY discussions are over my head, not the case with most of the DIY guitar stuff. 

 I do more amp stuff than pedal stuff, and even the most complicated amp project uses far fewer parts and is much simpler than most synth DIY projects. The Yocto kit I have next to me probably has more parts than 5-10 complete guitar amps.  25 if we're talking Fender champs. 

Also, other than germanium transistors and analog delay chips, the parts for guitar stuff is always available, at least if you're willing to just use a modern equivalent and don't need a transformer with the same type of paper and wire used by Leo Fender in 1962 or whatever. Although that's a bad example, since people have recreated all of that stuff.  Because you have to use the correct cloth insulated wire to hook up your heaters, or you don't have the right mojo. 





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On 2016-09-02 16:45 -0700, Barry Klein wrote:

> During some internet browsing on synthDIY interests I got off
> on a guitar electronics tangent and became amazed at the
> number of forums supporting guitarDIY and the number of
> kits/boards available.
> I???m sure some of you participate in both.  Please comment on
> how they compare in customer knowledge, market size, maturity,
> and anything else you could add.

The usual guitar pedal circuit is powered by a single +9 V rail
which complicates sharing circuits between the two worlds. Also,
power consumption is a bigger deal for guitar pedals.

Unless by "guitar DIY" you meant amps ?

I'm also under the impression that the average ratio of
fetishism to rationality + technical insight is somewhat higher
amongst guitar DIY enthusiasts than synth DIY enthusiasts. But
that may be my personal bias. At least they're not into wooden

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