[sdiy] Standards (Grousing)

Tim Ressel timr at circuitabbey.com
Fri Sep 2 01:33:52 CEST 2016


As the saying goes, "Standards are great, because there are so many of 
them." This grousing is specifically about Eurorack 1U modules. It seems 
there are 3 standards. First there is Pulp Logic with there 43mm tiles 
and (ahem) RC model airplane power connectors. Then there is Synthrotek, 
same size but Eurorack power connectors. And now Intelijel has 1U tiles 
that use Eurorack power but are 39.65mm high.

The issue for me is more about rail spacing and how it affects the 
working area of the PCBs behind the panel. On the 43mm tall tiles the 
back boards can be a large as 26mm high. But on the Intelijel modules 
its more like 22.5mm. 26.. was already tight, and 22.5mm is really tight 
(insert off-color joke here). Also existing modules are probably too 
tall so just changing the front panel will not work.

Now I'm not saying what Intelijel did was wrong or bad in any way. This 
is simply what happens when there is no "one ring to rule them all."  
Future tile designs can be made to fit the smaller size and have front 
panels to fit both, no sweat. Its just kinda irritating that this stuff 
goes on.

Grousing over. Let the flames begin!

--Tim Ressel
Circuit Abbey
timr at circuitabbey.com

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