[sdiy] 1v /oct with ADC question

Mike HEQX mike at heqx.com
Wed Nov 30 20:10:30 CET 2016

Hi folks,

  I want to use an ADC to create discreet note values so I am looking at 
an 8bit ADC.

I only need 6 bits to get to 64 values. ( I really only need 61 of those 
values to make 5 octaves plus 1 )

I want to scale the voltage across my pot so that I get 1v / oct output 
for cv usage at full scale, and I also need to produce 61 discreet 
values from the adc at the same full scale. So it looks like I have to 
do something mathematical, but I know not what do do.

I suck at math so bad that I can't think about these things.


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