[sdiy] Anyone try the Cool Audio chips?

rsdio at audiobanshee.com rsdio at audiobanshee.com
Thu Nov 10 05:45:10 CET 2016

People were sharing their experience with the Cool Audio BBDs having less supply voltage range and thus worse signal-to-noise performance. I know that Analog Devices and particularly THAT Corp are excellent quality, so I assume that the Cool Audio VCA might not be as good. No direct experience, though, other than fellow engineers noting that the Cool Audio chips are in the lowest-cost products these days.


On Nov 9, 2016, at 8:37 PM, Quincas Moreira <quincas at gmail.com> wrote:
> Brian, are you saying the Cool Audio version is inferior? in what way?
> On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 10:23 PM, <rsdio at audiobanshee.com> wrote:
> I didn't realize that Analog Devices currently marks the SSM2164 as "obsolete."
> THAT Corp still makes their THAT2162, if you want better specs rather than worse.
> Brian
> On Nov 9, 2016, at 8:01 PM, Pete Hartman <pete.hartman at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Cool Audio V2164 is a staple of many designs and manufacturers.  I have some of their other cloney chips, but haven't actually gotten around to trying to apply them (e.g. the BBDs, the companders).  The BBDs are definitely low-voltage versions though, the data sheet for the V3205 says 5V operation.....  So you lose headroom....
> >
> > On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 9:45 PM, AlanP <alan.p at orcon.net.nz> wrote:
> >> On 10/11/2016 3:57 p.m., Mike HEQX wrote:
> >>> Wondering if anyone has been using the coolaudio parts in their builds?
> >>
> >> I've used a pair of the CoolAudio v3205d chips in a Memory Man clone a couple years ago. Very noisy, compared to vintage MN3005 or modern XVIVE3005 reproductions. (This could be partly due to a 9v vs 15v difference.)
> >>
> >> For MN3207 duties, I prefer BeiLing reproductions if vintage chips are not available.

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