[sdiy] Solder corrosion - what is it?

wot wot synth-diy at dadacafe.org
Fri Nov 4 14:28:09 CET 2016


On 03.11.2016 12:43, Steve Lenham wrote:
> I know there are some chemistry wizards on the list and wonder
> whether anyone could give me a bit of advice?
> Any illumination would be greatly appreciated!

our retired electronics guy who originally came from chemistry once
explained that many a solder flux residue reaction could indeed form
something corrosive. his advice was to use nitrocellulose lacquer
thinner ("Nitroverdünner" in german) applied over all fresh solder
joints with a paintbrush, wait about a minute and then paint the
resulting liquid over the entire PCB.
This is supposed to not just work as a solvent but also react in a
way that would make it actually protect against corrosion.

disclaimer: i'm not as well versed in chemistry, just tried to
recall his words.



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