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Whereabouts are you based Trevor?

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I've been looking into buying an oscilloscope as I'm venturing into territory where I'll need to calibrate oscillators on some MFOS projects. I've read Ray Wilson's recommendations on a scope, and appreciate his advice on spending the money on a good scope as an investment. But, I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on anything more than this OWON scope on Amazon:


Owon SSO8192 100Mhz 8" TFT-LCD Display Digital Storage ...<http://www.amazon.com/SSO8192-TFT-LCD-Display-Oscilloscope-Channels/dp/B00PAAJQ9G/?sr=1-18&qid=1458648990&s=industrial&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A5451288011%2C4343061011&ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_18>
Owon SSO8192 100Mhz 8" TFT-LCD Display Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 1M, Dual Channels, 1 GSa/s: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

Since I'm really a newb, I was wondering what I could get that will work just fine on more of a budget. Is LabNation worth a closer look?


or even this one from Parallax:


If being cheap in the short will just cost me money in the long run, please advise. I'm just looking for a scope that will be reliable with modular kits. The more money I have to build kits with, the happier I am.

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