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I work a lot with Tek scopes and the digital series DPO, MSO and MDO 3K and
4K scopes have X/Y.


And speaking of Tek scopes there are these:


(scroll down towards the bottom)



and the Tek wizard:




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I built one of those. They are quite fun. Be aware it only works with analog
scopes. You can probably patch one up on your modular synth.



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Dorking around making Lissajouses today.

Here's a cool device that creates fascinating patterns on an oscilloscope:
I buit one some time ago and it's fascinating to play with. It would be an
interesting gadget to have at a synth meet or a gig without requiring the
use of any of your modules. I recreated the original magazine article and
saved it as a pdf so all the info is there, including the PCB layout (single
It's a fairly simple circuit and would be inexpensive to build if you can
make your own PCB. The only parts you may have finding are the 4136 and the
BTW, I'm still not exactly how the phase shift works on OSC C. If anyone can
explain it to me I'll update the blog post and the pdf.
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