[sdiy] WTB: FM Synthesis Theory & Applications book

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Does a PDF copy work: 




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My partner really wants to buy me a copy of the FM Theory & Applications books (she's fantastic!)


Abebooks, Amazon, Bookfinder, etc, give me prices of over $100au.


I work in the 2nd hand book trade, so I know pretty much every online venue to look for one. Is there anyone in the group that could sell me a copy at a bit more of a reasonable price?

Would need to include postage to Australia in the deal.



(I know there's a PDF of the book floating around - I was the one who scanned it all those years ago, but, it's really quite a poor job, and I will be doing a proper job of i after I get a copy, and fix those 2 transposed Bessel tables in the back)

Full title is as below, but, if you've got a copy, you'll know what it is:

FM theory & applications by musicians for musicians

John M. Chowning | 1986 | David Bristow 1950-; Yamaha Music Foundation.

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