[sdiy] Vibrato range

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon May 9 09:23:25 CEST 2016

That was one of the reasons to record it. I was sick and tired of 
hearing "MIDI is useless because stepping" while all that impression 
comes from crappy slow-scanning 7-bit pitchbender wheels commonly found 
on most MIDI synths and controllers.
My math gave 134.4, but that's more or less the same, much densier than 
any human can gear.
Of course to have tuning sweeps that fast and with no noticeable steps, 
I had to utilize full MIDI badwidth, so not much left for anything else.

And that was 16-bit MIDI2CV


W dniu 2016-05-07 o 10:31, rsdio at audiobanshee.com pisze:
> Your example seems to prove that 14-bit MIDI Pitch Bend has no
> problem with unwanted stepping over 10 octaves. If my math is
> correct, there are 136.5 pitch bend steps per 100 cents when bending
> 10 octaves. Why do people complain about MIDI being "limited?"
> How many bits in the D/A for your MIDI-to-CV device?
> Brian
> On May 7, 2016, at 8:18 AM, Roman <modular at go2.pl> wrote:
>> Well, I did: https://soundcloud.com/roman-sowa/midi-pitchbend
>> Roman Dnia 7 maja 2016 06:54 Jonathan Lippard
>> <jblippard at comcast.net> napisał(a):
>>> Haven't we all needed to bend a note ten octaves up from time to
>>> time?

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