[sdiy] Waveform mixing - normalization?

neil harper metadata at gmx.com
Fri May 6 06:23:05 CEST 2016

I've never seen any normalization either.
> Can't make up my mind about free oscillator levels & mixing, it seems 
> like the advantage is often lost. In a way I'd prefer normalization 
> and a filter overdrive control at a later stage.
> To be honest I've never really missed waveform mixing in a 
> one-waveform-selection-synth either. It feels like a relic from the 
> dawn of synthesis, an additive timbre shaping method that is rarely 
> very useful or interesting compared to waveform modulation, audio-rate 
> modulation and subtractive shaping. Do you guys like and use waveform 
> mixing?
> /mr

I got the impression that waveform mixing would allow a lot more sound 
possibilities, but maybe that's an outdated idea like you suggest?

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