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I do most of my work at home with PICs, real work it's ARMs. I've gone through 3 programmers over 15 years. The last two were MPLAB ICD 2 and 3. Cheap and work just fine for me. They also gave a credit for upgrading from a ICD 2 to ICD 3 so it wasn't that bad price wise.


Jay S.


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So I’ve decided to use a PIC25FJ64GB002 chip for a project and decided to be a good citizen and buy into the MPLAB ecosystem by forking out £711.29 for a PM3. The one in the photo on the RS site has a universal adaptor, however it turns out the adaptor is an extra £152.75.


That adaptor has now arrived, but it turns out it’s the wrong one for this particular chip, the one I need is an extra £180!!!


So by choosing a cheaper PIC chip, it’s actually costing me near on £1k just for the programmer!!


I’m hoping someone can set me straight and point me in the right direction so I can return this junk!





Rob Spencer


07590 267835

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