[sdiy] What is DIY? (was Re: Digital delay memory)

Paul B bamford.paul at gmail.com
Wed May 4 10:43:44 CEST 2016

Last night I was finishing off building an itead pcb and panel order I'd
done from tom whitwells files and my wife said "Oh my god did you do that
all yourself?"

Obviously I said yes but nbd and polished my nails but in my head I was
thinking the number of parts I didn't do myself is far more than those I

I'm looking forward to maybe being able to draw schems and laying out pcbs
and etch them and design and manufacture panels and design and build a nice
new case, that is the diy endgame for me.

But I'm not interested in smelting aluminium or perfecting anodising
processes or writing code or breaking new barriers of electronics.

I know this may draw scorn from some of the long in the tooth EEs who can
fart out a VCO in an afternoon, but I'm not alone.

There's an insurgence of emerging amatuer makers who want to be part of an
exciting feild and they bring with them a full spectrum of what DIY is.

Long Live the New Flesh!
On 4 May 2016 09:00, "Roman Sowa" <modular at go2.pl> wrote:

> Maybe we all talk about 2 unrelated areas: something that was called DIY
> 20 years ago, and DIY-kit mania, that is somehow recent thing, when people
> just solder PCB provided in the kit, attach panel, case and so on, and
> expect everything to fit.
> For me DIY is anything I can do myself, and because I'm happy to have all
> that equippment now, I can DIY on much higher level than 10 years ago, be
> it circuits, panels, cases, or furniture. It's far from DIY-kit concept, as
> most of it is unorganized and large parts of the design are made on the go,
> while next steps of making pass. And because I have those tools, I like to
> utilize them, so that affects the whole idea of DIY, starting from product
> concept. So even if I documented all the process, this still would not look
> like DIY to most home soldering/building enthusiasts. But it is DIY for me,
> because I did all myself.
> SMD is still scarry to most people, just like it was 20 years ago when I
> started using it. And probably will be in 20 years from now, especially
> when packages will become much smaller than today.
> But that's no stopper for DIY-kit movement, as more and more projects are
> made using premade hardware blocks and software libraries, so you can just
> plug the boards together, add a few lines of code and upload firmware. I
> think this is the future of DIY, less hardware making struggle, more
> imagination beyond limits.
> Roman
> W dniu 2016-04-29 o 21:24, Tom Wiltshire pisze:
>> On 29 Apr 2016, at 19:46, Jason Tribbeck <jason at tribbeck.com> wrote:
>> Maybe that could be the topic of another thread - what is DIY? What can
>>> be expected of people?
>> I think it varies hugely. Or put another way, we're not all Jürgen Haible.
>> My own DIY has improved enormously over the years as my knowledge and
>> experience have grown. One of the things that's important to me now is
>> trying to design projects that will inspire people to try something a bit
>> further on from what they might have otherwise tried. I've been using PICs
>> to try and reduce the number of components in classic circuits and make
>> them easier to manage. Basically, I'm trying to design the stuff that I
>> would have wished for when I was starting out.
>> Personally, I don't have access to anything like your lab resources,
>> Jason, and I doubt that people I'm designing for do either, so through-hole
>> is pretty much essential. I try to avoid needing an oscilloscope to trim a
>> circuit, since although I've got one, many people don't. The scope is to
>> help the *designer*, not the *builder*. I assume only that they can solder
>> reasonably well (although I design boards with *far* wider tolerances than
>> you're doing) and that they have a multimeter. I've started doing stomp box
>> stuff recently, and the people who build that are…well, they're
>> *guitarists*! They know which end of the soldering iron to hold, mostly.
>> I'm joking, but the point is serious - some of the people involved in music
>> DIY aren't technical people at all. And this is a good thing. Perhaps some
>> of them will become interested and take it further. After all, I did.
>> Tom
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