[sdiy] From a commercial standpoint -- has Eurorack "won"?

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Tue May 3 19:38:07 CEST 2016

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>>> You can always patch VC control of resonance.  Just send the filter
>>> output to an inverter, then to a VCA, then back into another filter
>>> input.  Voila, control the VCA = control filter resonance.  Some cool
>>> results can be had.  I even did this in a few of the factory presets
>>> for the new Moog Model 15 app.

I think this addresses a very good point with the architecture of

One way of building them is to but everything and the kitchen sink into
modules. Another is to provide minimal or stripped down functionality in
them but have a bunch of modules that for the lack of a better term are
utility modules. You can then use the utility modules to build up higher
level functions much like Quincas has pointed out here. I'm more of a
utility module person. I think that in the long run it gives you more
versatility than modules that have more features. More complex modules can
take up more front panel space and typically you can only use that extra
functionality in that module.

Also on the issue of hard to use panels either by crappy graphics or being
too cramped really surprises me. People just aren't thinking when they do
some of this stuff. I wonder how many more MakeNoise modules would be sold
if they wouldn't of been so 'cute' in the panel graphics.

I look at Serge synths and Serge clones that are being built and have issues
with them. While there is a lot of good functionality there most of the
panels just don't have a good 'functional flow' for me. I look at them and
go if I wanted to do patch X I'd have to run patch cables from the one side
to the other side of a panel a lot. Seems they could organize the panels
better for modulation blocks, tone blocks and so on.

Jay S.

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